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About Us

Rebound Health – Move Better, Live Better

Our team of degree qualified Allied Health Professionals will help you permanently escape the cycle of chronic pain and illness. Our Exercise Physiologists, Nutritionists and Remedial Masseurs work in synergy to produce real results.

Our success comes through comprehensive and evidence-based assessment, personalised programming, and supporting real people through a holistic approach to health – to achieve realistic goals.

Our mission is to create resilient, aware and happy clients by guiding positive change and cementing healthy lifestyle habits.

Corporate Wellness

Rebound Health provides the most innovative service on the market.

Rebound Health delivers increased productivity and reduced costs with improved workplace health strategies. Together we can determine the best solution for your workplace. To truly optimise the performance of your team we apply a mixture of the following tools.

Functional pre-placement assessment

Why take the risk of not knowing the full physical story of a potential candidate? Using biomechanical methods we have a research proven tool that can accurately predict the percentage risk of injury for any person. We provide reports and recommendations for you to make an informed decision.

Chronic injury treatment and rehabilitation

A musculoskeletal injury is considered chronic if the injured worker has not recovered within 6 weeks. We work closely alongside other health practitioners – GPs, Specialists, Osteos etc to get the best possible outcomes to speed up return to work safely. Our policy is to rehabilitate properly, once! This means we break down each aspect of the injury AND the biomechanics that underpin the injury. Then we integrate each part of those mechanics to bring your people back to full function faster. As part of this process you can be sure that between:

  • our online programs (in video, accessed anywhere via the web)
  • self managed home programs
  • nutritional coaching and articles about the injury
  • your people are empowered to heal themselves and manage their pain for a full recovery
Preventative functional programs

We have built our reputation running a Preventative Functional Program (PFP) to improve performance, particularly with occupations with unique movement patterns and demands such as Aquarists or members of the Special Air Service (SAS).

Our PFPs are hugely popular with staff because the results are outstanding and the bond developed within small group training creates a positive, tangible cultural shift and renewed dedication to the team.

Because you have invested so much time and money on up-skilling employees, courses, training, professional development and wages it just makes good sense to protect your investment by ensuring your people move and perform optimally.

This process also allows our practitioners to manage niggles and complaints before they become claims – a valuable side benefit.

Corporate wellness solutions

A well designed and effective corporate health program need not be expensive but should in real terms pay for itself and much more by increasing productivity.

Some elements are ergonomic and workplace assessment is not only sensible but a legal requirement.

We provide the very best wellness packages including but not limited to:

  • Ergonomic and workplace assessment
  • Safe manual handling and lifting education
  • Health promotion + education
    • Seminars, marketing plans and newsletters covering health related topics such as nutrition at work, fighting fatigue, the importance of postural strength, correct stretches to avoid muscular fatigue and correct lifting technique are just a few of the list to choose from
  • Medical and Heath screening
    • We assess and analyse important factors that affect workplace performance such as lung function, Hearing, Medical History, Drug and Alcohol Screening, Medical Assessments, ECG

Other Benefits

• Transforming workplace culture
• Lowering workers’ compensation premiums and other costs
• Improving morale and communication
• Enhancing image and reputation

• Providing management commitment and leadership
• Improving perception of employee value
• Increasing effective employee participation
• Delivering integration of health and safety

Our People

  • Andrew Daubney
    Andrew Daubney Head Practitioner - Sydney

Andrew is the Director of Rebound Health. Along with being an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Andrew is qualified in Massage Therapy, Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.), Functional Movement Screening and Injury Prevention.

Andrew’s specialities include musculoskeletal rehabilitation, optimal athletic performance, injury management and biomechanics.
As an avid crossfitter and golfer, Andrew understands the demands of the movements. Often, recovery won’t mean time away from sport – it is about correcting the movement mechanics that are resulting in pain and injury.

  • Eliza Giugni
    Eliza Giugni Head Practitioner - Newcastle

Eliza completed a bachelor of Human Movement in 2010, and continued to graduate with a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2012.

As an Exercise Physiologist, Eliza enjoys helping a wide variety of people achieve their optimum health. In particular she has a passion working with metabolic and cardiovascular health related conditions, rehabilitating musculoskeletal dysfunctions, cancer recovery patients and neurological disabilities.

“I take an individual and holistic approach to helping you achieve your goals, I work closely with my patients individually guiding you back on track to living a healthy, active and pain free life. I look forward to meeting you all at Rebound Health.”

Eliza Giugni, ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist

  • Adrian Adams
    Adrian Adams Naturopath

Adrian Adams is Rebound Health’s resident nutritionist/naturopath specializing in functional digestive disorders, metabolic disorders and sports performance goals. Adrian has completed bachelor of health science (nutrition & naturopathy) and has membership with Nutrition Society of Australia.

Adrian’s approach is very systematic to a health condition. He will take you through your case history, run functional medicine tests and formulate a structured plan of attack for your health condition or goal. The use of standard pathology and functional pathology testing, if applicable is commonly used to establish base line health parameters and to refine treatment plans.

The use of evidence-based practice underpins all of Adrian’s clinical decisions. The use of researched nutritional and herbal supplements to use as tools to move metabolism when food and lifestyle are either too slow or ineffective are used routinely. However dietary and lifestyle changes are the long term and underpinning therapy used to restore his clients to health.


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  • I have more energy, sleep much better, I feel stronger and I can now walk the dog without pain– that is the difference that Rebound has made in my life. In two and a half months I no longer feel as though my age is getting the better of me. I recommend Rebound to many of my patients and am delighted to provide this testimonial for their service which is wholly focused on healing clients.

    Dr Jon L. Seaforth
  • I have an injury sustained during a vehicle roll-over while on operations in Afghanistan. Rebound was recommended to me by a colleague I work with. With their training and knowledge, I have become more aware of my body and the way it works. My functional capacity has increased more than I imagined, and am on my way to reaching my goal of being deployed again. Thanks Rebound

    Tammy W.
  • Thankyou for al that you have done for me. I feel strong and ready for the Paralympics.

    Ben Tudhope Paralympics Snowboarder

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